We provide silence to people.

Silentica is a company which will custom design that precious space you desire for silence in this noisy world. We are committed to give you that right high/medium standard Isolations as we refer to in the music business, for just about any space; Home Theater, Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, Study Room, Bedroom, Jam Room, Radio Broadcasting/Virtual Post Productions, Recording, even Mixing and Mastering Studios.

Besides true enjoyment of movies/music and an absolute necessity to produce the most perfect music, there are other subtle benefits of isolation/sound proofing, especially in a country like India where we are constantly bombarded with loud noises which affects person’s health adversely, results in irritability, sleep disturbance, anxiety, frustration, anger, aggressiveness, fatigue and even deafness over a period of time. These health problems have no quick fixes such as eating organic food or drinking green tea.

It is very important to have a completely soundproof space, whether you are trying to enjoy the movie, good music or create a masterpiece. Especially In a recording room any foreign sound will contaminate the music which is being recorded. Also it is important to keep the noise floor down to a minimum to keep it from masking the details and as a result limiting the dynamic range of the room/equipment/system. Soundproofing is not just for those who are in the room but also to those who are outside, it can be disturbing to others in the household or persons outside the room.

Soundproofing eliminates/minimizes the sounds from traveling thru air and also thru the existing structures; electric outlets, switches, can lights, gaps under the doors, HVAC ducting to name a few. Sound vibrates walls, ceiling, floor, tin ducting, etc. All these structures are connected to other parts of the building. Sound vibrations in one room recreate them in other parts of the building. Even solid concrete basement floors are a flanking path for sound to get to the rest of the structure. (Flanking is a term used to describe a path by which sound goes beyond the boundary of the space).

Now that we understand the need for soundproofing, how can we achieve it? Custom plans are developed based on your budget, whether it is in an existing space or being built and the required level of performance; for listening pleasure or recording a flawless piece music.

Here are some of my custom designs.

image image1 unnamed image3 IMG_0229 IMG_9951IMG_9944 IMG_9954 silentica1 silentica2 silentica13 silentica14 silentica10 silentica11 silentica12