San Productions Studios prides itself on being a multi-functioning facility that continues to lead the mastering and production industries, adapting and growing with today’s changing technology. Apart from providing the highest quality Mastering Services, San is able to offer Restoration, 5.1 Mix-Mastering, Authoring and Encoding all under one roof. From legendary and independent artists to music hobbyists, San productions excels at giving each and every client world-over the attentive care needed to capture their musical vision. For information on any of the services listed below, please email us at to discuss a price point that best suits your needs and budget. Let San Page mix-master your music.

  1. Preparing for Your Session
  2. Booking Your Sessiona Once you’re at the stage of mixing your music, you should call to book a mastering date. Usually, San Productions books several weeks in advance. Though we do have immediate openings from time to time, it’s a good idea to allow yourself as much time as possible so that you don’t find yourself in a last-minute panic.
  3. Background Information When you call to book a session, be prepared to answer the following questions:
  1. How long is the program (how many songs,music score, minutes, etc.)?
  2. What format will you be bringing/sending in (Session,Analog1/2″ or 1/4″,  AIFF,WAVE, SDII)?
  3. What brand of machine was it recorded on?
  4. Bounced-Rendered Real Time? yes/no?
  5. Will anyone be attending the session?
  6. If session is unattended, who will be giving final approval?
  7. What kind of mix? pre-mix, approved mix or final mix?
  1. Reserving Time

When booking a session, you will be required to provide a deposit to block-out San Page time. “Deposits are non-refundable”.

Why do you need us? Every Song / album in your collection has been mixed and mastered by professional mixing mastering engineer in an acoustically treated room. If you want to sound professional and compete with the loudness war in the music industry, it is absolutely critical that you mix / master your music. It’s the most important aspect that makes your sound match with the rest of the music industry.

What Is Stem Mastering? Stem Mastering is a slightly more versatile option of normal mastering. i use a few “stems” (combined tracks such as drums, guitars, keyboards etc) of your track to achieve the final master. You can send 3-5 stereo channels that we can tweak individually to make the absolute best sounding master. This is the best option for artists, engineers, and producers that have gotten their mix as far as they can take it, and just need the extra bump to make it perfect.

Here are some different stems you can send us as well as an explanation of what we can do to each track:

  1. Drums (for compression and clarity without affecting the rest of the song)
  2. Bass (for getting a nice bass tone without affecting the rest of the mix with mud)
  3. Guitars (we can roll out the mud in the guitars and bring presence without taking out the punch in the rest of the mix)
  4. Vocals (we can get them sitting in the mix perfect if we isolate them with stem mastering)

You can use any stems you want. As long as you upload at least 3 and no more than 5.It truly is the best way for us to have complete control over your song without affecting the mix you love so much.

EDM Mastering

Give your “In-The-Box”-mixes an analogue touch!

Common mixing mistakes I tackle during mastering

  • Sub-Bass (anything below 100 Hz) covering up the kick and midrange detail
  • Either too little bass or too much bass due to use of small range speakers and mixing in a room that has not been properly treated to help tighten up impulse response and attenuate room modes
  • Edgy, fatiguing and harsh sound in the 2kHz – 6kHz area
  • Either not enough compression or extensive overuse of compression

Excellent Gear + Devoted Craftsmanship = Great Mastering

My goal is to achieve the perfect balance of loudness, liveliness and emotional impact. I will work to correct the frequency balance, stereo optimize, treat the dynamics, and increase the loudness of your music in a transparent and effective manner.

With each project I do, I not only strive to meet your expectations, I strive to exceed them!